The Cold Shoulder

Okay well... we may already know that there is a clothing style called "cold shoulder".
This is where there are parts of the garment cut out to show off the shoulders.
Cold shoulder garments are perfect for summer vacations or parties. It is a very flattering style and this season's most exciting trend. 
There is also the kind of cold shoulder as a show of intentional unfriendliness... and we all know about that.
How rude is it that a person you once called your friend decides one day to turn the other way?
Well, don't ever take that personally especially if you know that you didn't deserve it in any way. Maybe they are going through something in life that has hindered their judgment.
Here's what you do... address the issue!
Be direct with them and if they cannot be direct with you... keep it moving.
Life is too short and you are far too blessed to be stressed! 
Now, throw on your Cold Shoulder Effect and walk the other way.
There are blessings in your future that you need clarity of mind to receive!

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