About Us

Statement Piece NY is a boutique inspired by the uniqueness of each woman.
We are your source for women's clothing and accessories that boast form, structure, style, and class.
Statement Piece NY is owned by Shari Andrews, a young, female entrepreneur who has a deeply rooted interest in fashion and modeling. She set those interests aside to pursue her career in medicine. However, as an Emergency Room doctor and single mother, the busy lifestyle led her astray. She lost her sense of enthusiasm, self realization, and esteem.
Realizing the importance of balance, she quickly got back on track. Through that journey, she launched her business with the aim of helping other women realize that your career, while important, should not define you nor limit your ability to continue living in your passion.  
We believe that every woman deserves to feel bold, fearless, and fashionable in our styles.
We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and great care to placing our customers first. 
It is a mission for statement piece to promote the idea that self-care includes dressing your best. So let's get to it!
Statement Piece NY is here to serve!