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The Cold Shoulder

Okay well... we may already know that there is a clothing style called "cold shoulder". This is where there are parts of the garment cut out to show off the shoulders. Cold shoulder garments are perfect for summer vacations or parties. It is a very flattering style and this season's most exciting trend.  The Cold Shoulder There is also the kind of cold shoulder as a show of intentional unfriendliness... and we all know about that. How rude is it that a person you once called your friend decides one day to turn the other way? Well, don't ever take that personally especially if you know that you didn't deserve it in any way. Maybe they are going through something...

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We hope to give you some initiative to put more effort into what you wear and how you wear it. 

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End The Hate

In solidarity with our black kings and queens, Statement Piece NY proudly stands behind anti-racism and unjustified killings of our people. The power of the people is stronger than the people in power. A change must come.

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