Top 3 Stylish Coats For Women

Top 3 Stylish Coats for Women

classic black wool coat for women

  Yes, it is FINALLY time to start wearing some stylish coats. 

 Winters come as chilled as ice cubes in a deep freezer. It is certainly not my favorite time of year but I do love a great coat! From personal experience, when I have to bundle up in the winter, I initially think about getting my bubble or down coat and a great warm hat and being completely content with that. However, I always hit a roadblock when it is time to go out! If I am dressed to go out to a nice dinner, date, or event, I can't wear my down coat! No way!! I know that I shouldn't do that... and no, sis, neither should you! Our urgent need for warmth shouldn’t make us lose our sense of style and fashion. If you have any fancy clothes in your closet that you would wear during the colder months, then grab yourself one of our Statement Pieces so that you can complete that look! Let this be a gentle reminder that the cold is temporary but style is forever! Stylish coats for women can be found here!

The best dress coats for winter

 With Statement Piece NY aiming to achieve functional fashion and style, we have an array of tastefully designed pieces specifically tailored for the fall/winter season. Our glorious assortment of stylish coats for women deftly combines functionality and fashion to ensure that you have cute winter coats that will keep you warm and cozy while still preserving your stylish edge.

 Our latest Valish collection features a few statement pieces (this is totally unintended) that we would strongly recommend you have by the next winter that comes around:

convertible coat for women

Convertible Winter Coat for Women As part of enhancing the functionality of our stylish winter coats, we have ensured that they can be used in several different ways. Our dress coats for women can be adjusted to fit your needs whether you are in the mood for a knee-length coat, short bolero style coat, or a flare-style coat. Sometimes you want that longer look to go with our outfit. Our coats have 100% Wool and give that classic, stylish look. We were sure to give it a lovely flare that when buttoned, it flatters the woman's curves. We have a navy blue and a classic black. The navy blue wool coat has a red lining that pops. Don't you love subtle statement makers! Button this coat all the way up to the top and the dramatic collars give this coat more of an upscale edge. You can rock these beautiful coats in so many ways and still remain warm! Isn't that amazing! We do not want to compromise functionality for style! Why not have the best of both?!


Isn’t that just amazing?! Many people are not huge coat fans. Especially, a structured coat. The perfect twist to our Adapt Coat by Valish is that it adds adaptability. This versatility allows you to avoid the monotony of the construction and design of regular coats. I am seriously obsessed with how much detail there is with our convertible coat. You won’t have to get another wool coat solely for the purpose of diversifying your winter wardrobe. Simply unzip the bottom half of this coat and, voila! The beauty of our other dress coats may make it hard not to add another to the closet(*Wink*).  

The coats here at Statement Piece NY are true gems. You can style our coats with any outfit. Also, they are affordable! We do not feel that you have to break the bank to get the look that you desire! 

 waterproof coats for women

waterproof trench coat with camo for women

 Autumns and winters are characterized by precipitation. And while conventional winter clothing may shield you from the cold, it may not exactly insulate you from that intrusive precipitation. But that’s where Statement Piece NY comes in. Part of the functionality of our winter dress coats is that we have a long coat that are water-repellant. This quality makes our cute winter coats the perfect choice for humid days as well as prepares you for any accidental contact scenarios that may wet your coat. 

Truthfully, forget the weather. This is simply a BADASS coat, y'all! This military style coat is amazing for it's comfort and practical design. Full length coats have the most dramatic style. However, we didn't want to compromise the shape for it's length. Adjustability is the name of the game as you will see that there are side straps to cinch the waist to your liking. Do not skip past this full-length winter coat, ladies. 

Wearing a long coat brings out the charm in you, giving a modest statement that is unbeatable.  The satin camouflage lining is such a statement maker, it will make people look twice. Everyone will compliment your coat because you are styled to the nines and prepared for the fall and winter weather. 




warmth winter coat for women

leather suede black blazer coat for women Many clothing companies grapple with the challenge of enhancing one aspect of their clothes and diminishing another. However, Statement Piece NY is an industry leader and for good reason. While versatility and being water-repellant are the more glamorous qualities of our winter dress coats, we never lose sight of the primary objectives of our coats. All the pieces in our Valish collection are designed to last. Made from genuine fabrics, our coats are able to withstand the test of time. Our stylish coats for women also retain the deep, rich color and hue that you buy them with. As such, you are guaranteed to always look new when you step out. Just how beautiful is that?


Fashionable coats are great to complete your winter look. They give you an impeccable mastery to impress others with your dressing sense. Having a few of them in dapper styles is definitely going to give you an edge by giving you more outfits and keeping you comfortably warm in the colder weather. Click here to see our outerwear collection.




Statement Piece NY is a very customer-centric provider of stylish winter coats for women as well as other fashionable attire. Shop our looks today and choose from an array of beautiful statement pieces that will stylishly suit your individuality and taste while giving you optimal functionality. Come shop and make a fashion statement today!... or in 3 days - because we have to ship it to you, of course :) 

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