We are going CUSTOM!!

Statement piece NY provides fashionable and unique clothing and
accessories for most occasions: loungewear, cute & casual, activewear, nights out and much more…
We are confident that you’ll find
what you’re looking no matter the occasion.
You may be wondering how we have curated such a well-versed collection.
Our products are sourced wholesale from our vendors that are near and far.
From a wide selection to choose from, we select each piece carefully with thoughtful consideration while
making sure there’s something that fits the uniqueness of each
We keep in mind that our shoppers like to be comfortable yet cute. They want something show-stopping yet not impossible.
We are catering to those that are ready to make their statement.
The pieces that we have carried are not unique to our boutique. 
We source from the same vendors that many brands have access and privileges with. 
With that being said, stay tuned for our EXCLUSIVE collections:
Statement Active Men, which we have already launched.
More excitedly, please keep an eye out this season for our
Valish Coat Collection. 
These will be our custom, in-house design, and exclusive production to our shoppers. 

We hope that you LOVE! ❤️ 💕 💗 

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